Brigit Bell Ritchie

About Brigit

Brigit Ritchie is a painter who creates atmospheric works exploring line and space. After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied Art Criticism and Painting, she made her way from Northern California to Los Angeles. Her paintings are both abstract and hyper detailed using unexpected media to create a unique aesthetic.

Brigit leads creative lifestyle retreats and workshops all over the country with a variety of women's groups and brands. Contact her for inquiries about upcoming events and speaking opportunities near you.  

Brigit is co-founder of WE, a company that creates space for women to support women in LA through a twelve week curriculum program as well as numerous events in the city. She loves living and working in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids.


About the Work

My paintings begin with a simple practice of documenting connections around me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I attempt to observe and process how I am navigating my body, relationships, and atmospheres constantly around me. I have always been interested in the unseen systems that we live by, and I felt I could touch on their complexity and elegance through my work. These paintings can be a reflection of a personal experience but they also feel universal. My hope is that the paintings resonate with people from a visual standpoint but also from a emotional and spiritual place. 

This large series is mixed media utilizing pen, pencil, pastel, spray paint, and acrylic paint on mylar. The framing process is full of love and care and is inseparable from the artwork. All steel frames are hand made by Katherine Ortiz in her Los Angeles studio. They are constructed with a 10-step process starting with steel flat rods cut, welded, and attached to pine. The drawing is adhered to the panel and the frames are secured with a steel bracket. They are ready to hang with mounting hardware attached. 

All Photos By:
Emily Blake

Contact Brigit

 Please email for pricing information and other questions.