When I Listen by Brigit Ritchie

You’re invited to Brigit Bell Ritchie’s mixed-media exhibit entitled “When I Listen.”

Come join her for a special viewing before the pop-up space is open to the public (7/14-7/16) held in the Arts District at 836 Traction Ave on Thursday October 13th. 

Enjoy drinks and bites alongside music by TRACE and a DJ set to follow. 

- Admission is free

- Friends and strangers are welcomed 

- Please RSVP: bbr@brigitbellritchie.com

- Street parking (Uber recommended) 

-Shareable invitation can be found below for visual inspiration


Negative Space by S. Lauren Calnin




I've been thinking today about negative space, or just simply empty space. This painting was one of those moments where I got information from my work that would shape the next step. I just left it. And i liked it that way. Instead of filling in every space where I felt like there could have been more drawing I just allowed it to be empty. The emptiness added a dimension, causing it to feel more complete than previous drawings. The upper left quadrant is pretty quiet, and the bottom right shape feels filled with empty space to me. Compared to other paintings its not even the greatest example of leaving empty space in the drawing but as I made it, I noticed the importance of not over filling every inch of the paper. 

This morphed into thoughts around leaving space in my own life. I might say the greatest value in intentionally leaving empty space in my life to process, feel my feelings, sit with God, or do stream of consciousness writing is that it feels healing and centering.  The interesting quality about leaving empty space in a drawing is that it more daring and badass than serene and peaceful. Without negative space there would be no tension, no play, for the shapes to bounce off of. After thinking through it, I realized I have always admired artists who left the canvas or paper or board etc. w empty space because there is a sense of authentic voice in it. Like they didn't have to cater every single piece of what could be. Whatever they had made was enough as it stood.  I often remember conversations with people who choose their words more carefully than with people that fill in every silence (probably like myself). 

So, space in my life is important for balance from both ends of the spectrum - peace and tension / serenity and rawness. I like those qualities. I want to embrace the personas of empty space.